The Episcopal Church Network for Science, Technology, and Faith is dedicated to delivering the best resources for the church on matters of our evolving and ever more technologically advanced world. About Us, The Committee’s primary purpose is to identify, explore and recommend policies to the church’s governing bodies regarding emerging issues in science and technology and their implications for Christian faith, life, and practice ( more reading about the topic here ) . Resources The Episcopal Church Network for Science, Technology, and Faith is dedicated to delivering the best resources for the church on matters of our evolving and ever more technologically advanced world.

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A Catechism of Creation: An Episcopal Understanding

prepared for study in congregations

by The Committee on Science, Technology, and Faith

Through Christ, all things were made.  “A Catechism of Creation”  helps us to think about what that means.  It is written in question-and-answer formats, like the Prayer Book’s Catechism (pp. 843-862). Part I builds upon the Bible’s basic doctrine of creation.  Part II outlines the modern scientific worldview, including the Big Bang and the evolution of life. Part III presents the biblical roots of environmental care. Each section’s bibliography encourages further study of science, technology, and the Christian faith.

Recommended Readings Part I

Selected Readings

(Names marked with an asterisk here and in other sections of the bibliography are Anglican/ Episcopal writers or websites.)

The Holy Bible (*Authorized Version and New Revised Standard Version).

Old Testament and Apocrypha:

Cosmology and Theology (Psalms 8:1-4; 89:11-12; 102:25-27; 104; 139:1-18; 148; Genesis 1:1-2:4; 2:4-2:24; Sirach 42:15-43:33; Job 12:7-10, 26:7-14, chapters 38-42; Jeremiah 10:11-13; 51;15-16).

God: Creator and Redeemer (Isaiah chapters 40-43; Isaiah 45:12, 15-18, 21-23; Psalms 33; 74:12-23; 77; 136).

Wisdom (Proverbs 8; Sirach 24:1-7; Wisdom 7:7-8:1).

New Testament:

Christ the Creator (I Corinthians 8:6; Colossians 1:9-23; Hebrews 1:1-13 [=Psalms 102:25-27; 110:1]; John 1:1-14).

Christ and the New Creation (Romans 8:18-25; 2 Peter 1:1-8; Revelation 4:11; 21-22:5).

*The Book of Common Prayer, 1979 (BCP). (New York: Church Publishing, 1986.)

Biblical Studies

Bailey, Lloyd R., Genesis, Creation, and Creationism. Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1993: “Part Two: Genesis and Creation,” p. 53-111.

*Berry, R. J., God, and Evolution: Creation, Evolution and the Bible. Vancouver, BC: Regent Publishing, 2001: Chapter 3: “The Bible Account,’ p. 46-64.

*Borg, Marcus J., Reading the Bible Again for the First Time: Taking the Bible Seriously but not Literally. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 2001. Chapter 4, “Reading the Creation Stories Again.”

Clifford, R. J., S.J.,” Creation in the Hebrew Bible,” in R. J. Russell, et al., Physics, Philosophy, and Theology: A Common Quest for Understanding. Vatican City State: Vatican Observatory, 1988, p. 151-170.

Hyers, Conrad, “Comparing Biblical and Scientific Maps of Origins,” in Perspectives on an Evolving Creation, ed. by Keith B. Miller. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2003, p. 19-33.

Hyers, Conrad, The Meaning of Creation; Genesis and Modern Science. Atlanta, GA: John Knox Press, 1984.

*Schneider, Robert J., I: What the Bible Teaches about the Creation; II: Theology of Creation: Historical Perspectives and Fundamental Concepts, in Science and Faith: perspectives on Christianity and science.

Stek, John H., “What Says the Scriptures?” in Howard J. Van Till et al., Portraits of Creation: Biblical and Scientific Perspectives on the World’s Formation. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1990, p. 203-265.

Van Till, Howard J., The Fourth Day; What the Bible and the Heavens are telling us about Creation. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1986: Part One: The Biblical View, p. 1-93.

Theological Studies

(see also readings listed in Part II, on the theology of an evolving creation)

*Deane-Drummond, Celia, Creation Through Wisdom: Theology and the New Biology. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 2000.

Edwards, Denis, Breath of Life: A Theology of the Creator Spirit. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2004. blackpayback

Hayes, Zachary, OFM, The Gift of Being: A Theology of Creation. “New Theology Studies 10.” Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 2001.

Hayes, Zachary, OFM, A Window to the Divine: Creation Theology. Quincy, IL: Franciscan Press, 1997.

Powell, Samuel M., Participating in God: Creation and Trinity. “Theology and the Sciences Series.” Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2003.

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