Food Systems

A Food Audit Booklet for Congregations and Related Resources

Our working group on food and environment has developed a food system audit for congregations. We were inspired to offer this booklet by the congregational energy audit resources prepared by the Diocese of Alabama and other diocesan creation care groups.

From the introduction:
As Episcopalians our central act of worship involves a sacred meal, and we often joke that coffee hour is the 8th Sacrament. If that is so, then the care we give to the food in our kitchens is equally important as the care we give to our Sunday liturgy.

What follows are recommendations for a congregation that desires to be more intentional about food. A food audit is a systematic way of assessing what food is being used, where it comes from, and how it is being used. It is designed to help congregations think through the role of food in their common life.

The document that you can download is a PDF file, which can be opened using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or any similar product. It is intended to be printed on 8.5 by 11 inch paper (standard letter size), landscape, two pages per face, on two sides, for a total of four pages per sheet of paper, and only two sheets of paper should be needed for the entire document. It should print equally well in color or black-and-white.

The downloadable document is a PDF file: Congregational Food Audit Booklet With Resources For Action Steps.

The downloadable document is a PDF file: Food System Issues on which Science is Important.

A resource list prepared by Deacon Phina Borgeson for the Working Group on Food and Environment Executive Council Committee on Science, Technology and Faith, April 2011.

The downloadable document is a PDF file: Background Resources on Genetically Engineered Crops and Related Issues.

A brief annotated list prepared by Deacon Phina Borgeson,  March 2011, revised May 2011