The Episcopal Church Network for Science, Technology and Faith

The Network exists to facilitate dialogue between this Church and members of the scientific, technical, and medical communities; to be an educational resource for this Church, its seminaries, and the wider Christian community; and to provide guidelines in Christian ethics for use in everyday decisions within contemporary American culture.

To further its mission, the Network will seek opportunities to provide:

  • news releases for diocesan newsletters and other print and electronic media;
  • aids for Christian education in the parish, concentrating on the young people of confirmation or pre-confirmation age;
  • liaison with seminaries, to offer the experience and knowledge of our members, and to seek the resources of ethicists, theologians, and pastoral theologians;
  • updates about the churches’ faith-and-science dialogues (Episcopal, Anglican Communion, Ecumenical), including information about available curricular, pastoral, and other resources in this field;
  • an official presence within the national church structure to facilitate networking for professionals in science, engineering and medicine who are Episcopalians;
  • support and encouragement for those seeking to integrate their work in science with their vocation as baptized Christians;
  • vigilance concerning developments in science and technology, to help the Episcopal Church leadership identify issues of theological or ethical significance that call for discussion and response; and
  • liaison with committees and other groups whose missions are in keeping with that of this Network.

The Network is open to all Episcopalians interested in the interactions of Christian faith with the sciences, technology, and medicine.  The Steering Board decides and coordinates the major projects undertaken during each triennium.  As a subcommittee of the Executive Council Committee on Science, Technology and Faith, the Steering Board has a formal relationship to Church structure.  Some of the officers are appointed by the Executive Council; others are elected from the Network.  Network members who have an active interest in this work may become eligible for election, if they so desire, by first making their interest known to the Steering Board through the Membership Secretary.

Network Steering Board

Prof. Edward Sisson

Dr. Stephen Stray

The Rev. Alistair So

Mr. Joseph Wolyniak
Website/Communications Liaison

Mr. Shawn Evelyn
Youth, Young Adult, Seminarian Liaison

The Rev. Stephanie Johnson
Episcopal Ecological Network Liaison

The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisley
Member, Ex Officio

The Rt. Rev. Mark Sisk
Member, Ex Officio

The Rev. Evelyn Manzella

Mr. Tal Day

Mr. Shawn Evelyn

The Rev. Dr. Lisa Fortuna

Ms. Meredith Rawls

The Rev. Dr. James Trainor

Ms. Katie Sherrod