Executive Council Committee

The Executive Council Committee on Science, Technology, and Faith

The Committee’s primary purpose is to identify, explore and recommend policies to church’s governing bodies regarding emerging issues in science and technology and their implications for Christian faith, life, and practice.

The committee’s primary tasks are to facilitate education on the theological, scientific, and ethical implications of policy-related and other controversial issues, represent the Church in ecumenical and other gatherings relating to its concerns, and to serve as a resource for Church bodies.

The Committee is comprised of 12 members, appointed by the President of the House Deputies and the Presiding Bishop, who meet semiannually.


Executive Council Committee on Science, Technology & Faith (2012-2015 Triennium)

The Rev. Alistair So
Chair (Priest)
Rector, All Hallows’ Parish (Edgewater, MD)

Mr. Joseph Wolyniak
Vice Chair (Lay)
DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford; Visiting Scholar, Yale University (New Haven, CT)

The Rev. Evelyn Manzella
Secretary (Priest)
Rector, St. James Church (Wooster, OH)

Mr. Tal Day
Member (Lay)
Attorney (Retired) (Alexandria, VA)

Mr. Shawn Evelyn
Member (Lay)
Chair, Program Group Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Diocese of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)

The Rev. Dr. Lisa Fortuna
Member (Lay)
Transitional Deacon, Diocese of Massachusetts; Physician (Worcester, MA)

The Rev. Stephanie Johnson
Member (Priest)
Energy Stewardship Minister, Province of New England (New Haven CT)

The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisley
Member (Bishop)
Bishop, Diocese of Rhode Island (Providence, RI)

Ms. Meredith Rawls
Member (Lay)
Graduate Student in Astronomy, New Mexico State University (Las Cruces, New Mexico)

The Rt. Rev. Mark Sisk
Member (Bishop)
Bishop, Diocese of New York (New York, NY)

Prof. Edward Sisson
Member (Lay)
Professor of Anthropology, University of Mississippi (Oxford, MS)

The Rev. Dr. James Trainor
Member (Priest)
Physicist; Priest (Retired) (Waupaca, WI)

Ms. Katie Sherrod
Liaison of Executive Council (Lay)
Freelance Writer, Television Producer (Fort Worth, TX)

Mr. Richard Serota
Episcopal Church Staff Liaison (Lay)
Director of Information Technology, Episcopal Church Center (New York, NY)

The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori
Member, ex officio (Bishop)
Presiding Bishop, The Episcopal Church (New York, NY)

The Rev. Gay C. Jennings
Member, ex officio (Priest)
President of the House of Deputies, The Episcopal Church (Sagamore Hills, OH)