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“The goal of human knowing is neither to exalt science over other forms of inquiry nor to use theology as a magic wand to make things we can’t otherwise explain vanish. The goal of human knowing is instead to seek to engage God, the world, and ourselves in one unified frame of meaning.”
~The Very Rev. Gary Hall (Dean, Washington National Cathedral), “Cathedral Age” (Autumn 2012)

In a landmark action at the 77th General Convention, The Episcopal Church affirmed (by Act of Convention) the essential “compatibility of science and faith.”

For decades The Episcopal Church has worked to affirm both the knowledge derived from the sciences and the wisdom of scripture and tradition.  The essential conviction is that reason and revelation are not locked in conflict, but are two paths to understanding.  What’s more, fostering a healthy dialogue between the sciences and faith illumines both the unique contribution and inevitable limitation that each entails.  That is the idea behind The Episcopal Church’s dedication to studying the complex relationships between the sciences, technology, medicine, and faith: to try, as best we can, to understand our world and our place in it.

To that end, The Episcopal Church has established two bodies:

  • The Network for Science, Technology, and Faith
    ~ & ~
  • The Executive Council Committee on Science, Technology, and Faith

The Network is a group of Episcopalians from across the church with varying levels of expertise and/or interest in science, technology, and faith.  With a Facebook page and blog, the aim of the Network is to foster community and conversation among Episcopalians interested in subjects related to science, technology, and faith.  It is open to any and all.

The Executive Council Committee is one of the Committees, Commissions, Agencies & Boards of The Episcopal Church which derive their mandate from General Convention and undertake their work between the church’s triennial meetings.  The Executive Council Committee on Science, Technology, and Faith is the CCAB charged with acting on resolutions consistent with its mandate.  This body is appointed by the President of the House Deputies and the Presiding Bishop.  It meets semiannually.

Feel free to peruse our site for more information about the Network and Executive Council Committee, along with resources which have been developed by these bodies.

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